How to use programs

First of all you need to be registered and signed in to use programs (see also: How to start). Otherwise you will see the program categories but after trying any program you will be redirected to the main page.

Programs are organized in categories, subcategories etc. You will go to highest level of categories from any page by clicking on logo Fono3 in the top left corner of the screen.

You can click your way through categories to respective programs. Programs are in three categories distinguished by colors:
* green category - programs for independent training
* blue category - programs requiring assistence of another, not necessarily qualified, person (parent, teacher, friend...)
* orange category - programs requiring co-operation of qualified person (speech therapist, specialist teacher...) - we do not recommend to use these programs without at least consulting a specialist.


You can change program settings in the menu "Settings" (available only to registered and signed in user).

Settings are split to two parts:
* common settings - change properties of all programs
* individual program settings - this part is specific to each open program. You will find the description of these settings in the guide to respective programs.

Please note that you need to press "Save" to enable changed settings.

Common settings

Display style

Display of Fono3 pages is possible in several predefined styles and you can choose the style that suits you:
* standard
* for children
* for visually impaired - with increased contrast and font size
* for autist - without elements distracting patients with this diagnosis

Display of programs

"Display programs for individual work", "Display programs for work with assistent", "Display programs for work with therapist" organise displaying programs in corresponding categories.


Sets the number of test repetitions until evaluation. Value "0" means testing without pre-defined end.

Display assisting animation

Some programs require user answer. The assistant can help with identifying the correct answer to make these programs playful rather than stressful.

You can choose the assisting animation and set following parameters:
* set time in seconds until the animation will be displayed, "0" (zero) means the animation will not be displayed
* activate the animation pointing to correct answer
* activate the animation rewarding correct answer
* activate the animation rewarding overall score

Some of the animations are sound, others are visual or combined. Not all functions are supported by all animation types.

Profiles (not for BASIC plan)

You can create profiles with your settings, e.g. for individual users or diagnoses.

Actual profile will be displayed in the top left of the settings page. Click on the profile to display the profile list.

You can easily create a new profile by typing a new profile name and confirming it.

Profile Fono3 is the profile with standard settings, however these can also be changed. By pressing "Reset" while another profile than Fono3 is active will change its settings to those of Fono3 profile. By pressing "Reset" while Fono3 profile is active will reset the values to default.

You can delete the profile by pressing the cross next to the profile name in the profile list. Profile Fono3 cannot be deleted.

Application workspace

Programs display their information and control buttons on the application workspace.

After launching the program the application workspace will be extended to whole area of the browser window.

First line on the application workspace displays on the left hand side the route of program categories you passed before the currently running one. By clicking on any of the items in this line you will return to said program category. By clicking on the name of the running application (last item of the route) this program will restart.

First line displays on the right hand side the "Settings" and, assistant (How to?).

Guide to individual programs

You will find the user guide to respective programs in the "How to?" menu. Where the program does not have its own user guide following text will be displayed.

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