How to start


Registration is needed to receive free days for your free try of our programs. Without registration you can only see the program categories.

We only need your email and a password of your choosing to register you, remaining information is not mandatory.

You will find the registration form here or you can click to "Register" in the top right of the page (this link will not be available after you register).

Confirm registration

We will send you a confirmation email to your address after you save the registration form. You will need to click the link contained in the email and wait for opening the confirmation page. With that is your registration sucessfully completed and you can sign in. Your login credentials will be the same as you entered in the registration form.

If the opening of confirmation page ends with error, please forward us the registration email to address ... .

After successful sign in you can try out our programs. A short guide with "How to" you will find here. If you like the programs and you used up all free days you can buy more. You need to be registered and signed in to purchase subscription.

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How to use programs? (brief description of navigating in programs and their use)
How to manage account? (connect to other account)
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